Categories for #PCAA 2019 unveiled

For the Best Events of Africa

Categories for #PCAA 2019 unveiled

Its that time of the year guys, The Nominations for the biggest awards for Events and Events personalities kick starts Tomorrow.
Stand a chance by nominating under each category of your choice.

All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:-

  1. Follow the @popcultureafricaawards page
  2. Look for the image bearing the category of your choice
  3. Comment under the category of choice by indicating your nominee E.g Under the Event of the year image, comment ”Event of the year- Rock and Stones Event.
  4. Tag other people to comment, like or tag others.
  5. Top four highest number of mentions gets nominated for the prestigious awards.

Then wait for the nominees list to be out soon!!!

See the Categories to Nominate for via the Insta link


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  1. Chisimdi says:

    Are nominations on-going in this website or just Instagram?

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